Rabbit is a place where you can watch anything online, together in sync, with anyone. It's mission is to bring people closer together through content and shared experiences.

My role at Rabbit was the sole Product Designer of the company. I worked closely with the product leads and managers to design all features on all platforms from end to end. Some major accomplishments included redesigning the Web and iOS (iPhone) client & designing a brand new iPad and Android app. 



Main Navigation - One of my first big tasks at Rabbit was to redesign the iOS app. The app was broken into 2 parts - discovering content to watch & entering a room to start watching with a friend. Since most of the users on iOS came from the web app, the ui/ux was somewhat familiar to them. But as for new users coming to the iOS app, via word of mouth or discovering it on the AppStore, it's a little confusing as to what do. One of the main goals was to make sure new users experience the core feature of the app, watching something in sync with a friend. Through data, we knew that this increased retention. A solution for having new users experience watching something with someone their first time was to allow all users to make their room public, which led to watching with strangers. This solved the goal of getting first-time users experience the core feature of the product the very first day and solving the problem of having to message or schedule a time with your friend to start watching, because the chances of that happening at that moment are pretty slim. This all translated to a new home feed - instead of having a feed of suggested videos to start a room with, we presented a feed of public/live rooms to join. With the rest of the app navigation, we decided to expose all the key features in the bottom nav bar - friends list, messages, & notifications. The goal was to make it look and work familiar like other social and native iOS apps. 


  • Improve usability of the app - navigation, exposing key features

  • Fix the "watching alone" problem

  • Update UI to make it feel more modern and familiar as other popular social apps

  • Create a solid foundation where newer features can be added with ease


  • Users are confused as to what to do when they come to the home screen

  • New users end up watching videos by themselves

  • Key features such as adding friends, messages, & notifications are buried under one icon






Room View - The core experience of the app had to be refactored. The previous design wasn't utilizing the space to it's full potential, key tool/actions were hidden behind menus, and it didn't feel like an immersive experience. How I approached this was by exploring ways to show/hide key features through gestures on the screen therefore eliminating the need for ambiguous menu buttons. Having gestures to show/hide features enabled the chat to be ephemeral without it having it to overlay on content persistently. I created an more immersive experience by having landscape video be truly full screen and having video chat take on a grid view instead of small circular avatars. 


  • Create an immersive and fluid viewing experience

  • Update UI to make it feel more clean and modern

  • Add gestures that are common in other video streaming apps


  • Key features in Room View such as leaving a room, inviting friends, & room settings are buried under one icon

  • Screencast / Video tools are only accessible in landscape

  • Camera & Microphone toggles are hidden







With the redesign of the sign up flow, other than updating the UI/visuals, we wanted to add in an interest picker within the flow. This would allow us offer relevant content for the user to watch. One of the main issues I saw from user testing was that after a user finishes signing up, they would be presented with the home feed with random videos to watch with other people. New users ended up watching irrelevant content most of the time. They do get to experience what it's like to watch something in sync but they aren't able to have a connection with the video and contribute to the conversation. It's important for a new user to have an awesome first time experience so they can tell their friends about the app and continue the viral loop.


  • Add interest picker to the flow to help the user find something relevant to watch after signing up

  • Simplify and update the UI for the flow


  • Facebook sign up is not on the first screen

  • Unnecessary slide transitions on the first screen

  • Too many text fields are presented at one time - makes it seem like work