This is a video creation app that easily combines past & present media with only little to no post-editing. This was a concept that was developed by the video apps team after seeing that iMovie iOS was not fit for a mobile device. My role was to explore the design of the app along with another colleague. We were given some design principles from the product leads - be able to to capture and shoot with one hand, be able to combine past & present content, and do not use a traditional video editing timeline.

We knew users are going to come to the app and do one thing and that is to capture video and share it. We wanted to get the user to start capturing video as quick as possible so we decided to have the app launch directly to the camera. This would be the main screen of the app. We decided to have the recording action be a press and hold gesture. Reason being is because we think it will help limit the lengths of clips that are shot and also limit the need for post-editing.


All the necessary tools to create a video would be accessible from the main screen - video effects, input sources, & projects. By putting tools in modes, we eliminated the need for a traditional bottom navigation bar.


With the approach to not using a traditional video editing timeline, we decided to have the recorded clips laid out in a grid view. A grid view was something that most, if not all, iPhone users are familiar to seeing. It's how the photo library on the phone is laid out. People understand the way it works. You select a photo/video and actions are enabled  - delete, reorder, play, & share.