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This is a video creation app that can take any single clip and make it compelling and enjoyable to watch. This idea was conceptualized by a colleague and I on the Video Apps Design team. We noticed that it was a huge investment of time and effort to put together a video/movie of a bunch of clips that someone just shot on their vacation, concert, party, etc. Nowadays people tend to share single video clips or moments - we wanted to focus on that. We want people to enhance there moments and share them out with as little effort as possible.


  • Allow users to enhance and share moments with little effort as possible
  • Minimize the amount of decisions the user needs to make
  • Follow these 3 principles - Simple, Cool, Emotional


We think following these 3 principles would set up a recipe for a great single clip/moment to share.

Simple - 1 clip, 15 seconds - Adding constraints to the clip minimizes the amount of decision a user needs to make.

Cool - Slow-mo & Timelapse - Distorting time is something we can't experience in real life.

Emotional - Music - Adding music imprints emotion and personality. People express their identities and share experiences through music.



1 clip, 15 seconds



Slow-mo & Timelapse





We were inspired by the Shot on iPhone 6 campaign. Every clip combined our 3 principle and made it enjoyable to watch.



We tested our theory with our own content and the videos turned out great. If you can imagine taking out the slow-mo or time-lapse and music out of each video, they would turn out to be really dull.



The app has 3 main tabs.  

Featured - The home screen of the app. It's curated clips by Apple that feature quality clips. Having a team at Apple hand pick clips to feature on the home screen lets new users get a sense of what the output of the product is and also setting a tone for the quality of video that the app can create. I believe it's a good approach to inspiring new users to make their own. Explore - A way to view trending/popular clips around the world. Create - 3 simple steps to enhancing a moment - selecting a clip, song, & title. Every step in the creation process would be auto-filled which would allow for a super quick 1 step to share a moment.